Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Rumble in America

When We Were...Presidents?

The election contest of 2012 bears some interesting parallels to the famous Rumble in the Jungle in 1974 between Muhammad Ali and Gorge Foreman that was depicted so well in When We Were Kings  (  No, I am not referring to the commercialized "twit race" between Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly that was streamed on the Internet in October.

Ali, like Obama, had more charisma than Romney.  Though neither Ali nor Foreman really knew that much about Africa before the fight, it was Ali who worked the crowd to get the populace of Zaire on his side.  By the time the fight occurred, the mass of spectators were loudly chanting "Ali Boombaye" or "Ali Kill him!"
Foreman and his dog
Foreman brought his beloved dog to Zaire.  He used to jog and train with his dog.  This might have been endearing except for the fact that these types of dogs (German shepherds) were associated with the Belgian colonial masters that had recently departed the Congo after years of exploitation.  Foreman's dog incident recalls both Romney's strapping his dog to the roof of his car and also his costly 47% remark.  Both George and Mitt had dog problems!

Ali was more handsome and a better public speaker than heavy-weight boxing champion George Foreman.  George Foreman is, without question, the better businessman.  Outside of boxing, he became a successful entrepreneur and is known for his promotion of the George Foreman Grill, which has sold over 100 million units worldwide.  In 1999 he sold the naming rights to the grill for $138 million.  George Foreman has worked hard all his life and is squarely in the 1%.  Ditto for Romney.

George Foreman is a job creator while Ali is...a celebrity.

Liberals such as Norman Mailer and East coast elites such as George Plimpton adored Ali, particularly for his anti-war stands during the Vietnam war.  The left came to love Obama for his anti-war stands on Iraq during the Bush administration.

Mitt Romney has five sons.  George Foreman has five sons -- all named George!  Foreman also has 6 daughters.  Both Romney and Foreman are pastors in their respective churches.

Ali has had mostly daughters while Obama has had only two daughters. Born "Cassius Clay" the fighter changed his name to "Muhammad Ali" after converting to Islam.  While Barrack Obama is Christian, his middle name is "Hussein", he had a muslim stepfather and he spent part of his childhood in Indonesia -- a predominantly Muslim country.

During the Rumble in the Jungle Foreman backed Ali up against the ropes.  Romney scored big points in this electoral contest, especially in the first debate.  Foreman punched himself tired and Ali swooped in for the kill knocking him to the ground.  "Ali Boombaye!"

Ali called himself "The Greatest".  Obama said in the third Presidential debate, "This Nation. Me."

Commander Kelly concludes, "Ali won the fight.  Obama won the election.  Who is happier today Ali or Foreman?  Who would you really rather be...'The Greatest' or the creator of the George Foreman Grill?"

When We Were Kings

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William Funk said...

Enjoyed your analysis. George Foreman is a smart guy.

BTW, my favorite interview of his was, I think, on the Johnny Carson show when Foreman was asked he he was making a come back in boxing for the money. He started going on and on convincingly about being motivated by his church and how boxing enabled him to help his charities, etc and that it wasn't about making money. Then, after a brief pause, he smiled and and said, "If you believe all that, then you are a fool!". "Of course it's about the money!"
He is a great example of a bad guy gone good. The American Dream, etc.