Friday, November 2, 2012

Be of Good Cheer!

The Cake is Baked

To all those who support Mitt Romney this fall I say simply, "Be of Good Cheer!  Next Tuesday will be our opportunity to make a positive change for the country that we love.'

Rasmussen has Romney up by 3 in CO, up by 2 in OH and tied in WI.  Romney is in striking distance in blue states such as PA, MI and even MN.  The electoral map has widened in Romney's favor.  Gallup continues to show a significant national lead for Romney.  The Obama campaign is on defence.  His "firewall" continues to crumble.  Obama's incompetence and deceitfulness over Benghazi continues to fester.

The tragic storm that hit the East coast is largely a non-event in terms of the election, though it did stop Obama's negative advertising for a couple of days.  Governor Christie's reaction is understandable and will not carry much weight outside of NJ, which was never in contention.  Bloomberg's endorsement was predictable and will, similarly be of little value outside of NY.

THE CAKE IS BAKED for victory next week.  The enthusiasm gap persists in Romney's favor, the momentum continues to grow for Romney, Republicans have a money advantage, most independents are leaning towards Romney.

Finally, consider this video which is a Romney parody...

Hey, wealthy ladies, wouldn't you really rather have a Prosperous America rather than the Misery we have endured for the past four years?

Commander Kelly says, "Don't let the mainstream media buffalo you into despair.  VOTE AND ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME! On to Victory on November 6!"

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