Saturday, November 3, 2012

Queen Elizabeth II Endorses Romney!

November Surprise!
Queen Elizabeth II Endorses Romney!

The media enjoys reminding us that most nations through the world support the re-election of President Obama this next Tuesday (  About two thirds of  the UK is alleged to favor Obama according to the BBC.

But this begs the question about Her Majesty's own personal preferences.

Who would the Queen support for President if she were voting the in the USA?

We know that Winston Churhcill (see earlier post, Winston Churhill Quotes, 6/2/12) was her favorite prime minister.  In 2012, the 6oth Jubilee year of her reign, she dubbed the boat that took her down the Thames in celebration of her reign THE SPIRIT OF CHARTWELL in Honor of Churhcill.

President Obama, on the other hand, swept Churchill out of the White House returning a bust of Churhcill to Britain after entering the oval office.

Queen Elizabeth honors Churchill while President Obama treats his memory with an ignorant contempt.

As a young woman Queen Elizabeth II served as a truck driver in the Auxiliary Territorial Service during World War II,  This past June she unveiled the RAF Bomber Command memorial in Green Park (see earlier post, RAF Bomber Command Memorial, 10/13/12) that pays tribute to the Poles who served in the RAF alongside the Commonwealth pilots and crew....(,Poles-among-those-remembered-in-UKs-WWII-bomber-memorial).

President Obama, on the other hand, refereed to "Polish death camps" betraying an appalling ignorance of history and a lack of respect for a NATO ally. (

Queen Elizabeth honored our World War II allies, the Poles, while President Obama treats them with an ignorant contempt.

Queen Elizabeth II is a master of the art of protocol.

President Obama recently referred to the "English Embassy" in spite of the fact that there has not been one for hundreds of years.

In 1982, Her Majesty's Government fought a war with Argentina to keep the Falklands British.  President Reagan, recognizing force of the "special relationship" between the USA and the UK, assisted the British government with vital intelligence information including satellite photography during this conflict

Just this year President Obama weighed in on the Falkland Islands issue and suggested that the USA would remain neutral between the UK and Argentina in any future conflict over the disputed islands. Making a speech in South America President Obama actually referred to them as the "Maldives" confusing the South Atlantic islands with the vacation spot in the Indian Ocean!  (

Here is what Dinesh D'Souza, the Producer of the brilliant film 2016 (, writes, "The British position on the Falklands is that the islands belong to the U.K. The Argentine position supports negotiations over the control of the islands. Despite the special relationship between America and Britain, and despite the fact that Republican and Democratic presidents have supported the British position, the Obama administration has switched sides and now supports the Argentine position calling for negotiations. This is reflected in resolutions passed by the Organization of American States and backed by the United States."  (

Stephen Edwards of Canada's National Post has called Obama "a lousy ally"...

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II would like to keep the Falklands free and British.  President Obama is not quite sure where they are, but he is "playing it safe" by staying neutral!  Obama's neutrality, of course, only increase the potential for armed conflict between Argentina and Britain in the South Atlantic.

Commander Kelly says, "There's now a Queen in Romney's deck!  We are not amused!  Let's bring Churchill and the Spirit of Chartwell back to the White House this Tuesday!"

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Anonymous said...

OK we know there are endless reasons for her to endorse Romney, but where is the support of your headline?? I feel so let down....