Friday, April 23, 2021

Dogs on the Right / Cats on the Left

President Trump defied conventional wisdom in many ways.  He famously refused to host a dog at the White House despite the long history of Presidential dogs from FDR's Scottish Terrier (Fala) to Obama's Portuguese Water Dog (Bo).  Dogs are very popular among Americans and this decision could conceivably have cost Trump thousands of votes in the close 2020 election and, perhaps, even cost him his re-election.

Perhaps Trump failed to recognize that man's best friends are natural born Conservatives?  Dogs are clearly on the right, while cats are natural Lefties.

Dogs have no issue with nationalism.  Dachshunds and German shepherds are proudly German.  Chihauhaus are proud Mexicans.  Shih Tzus are proud of their Chinese heritage.  And so on.

Don't Defund Me!

Many dogs are working stiffs.  Dogs are important partners in the Global War on Terror, sniffing out bombs and patrolling foreign bases.  There are many "blue" dogs working in police canine units.  But even extreme leftists dare not ask for us to defund the police dogs!

Cats are indolent, uncooperative and unteachable.  Perfect little furry Commissars.

Dogs believe in private property.  They are territorial.  "My Bone!"  "My Yard!"

Cats are unapologetic Communists.  They are quite content to appropriate food from their comrades' bowls.  All property is theft according to feline / Marxist principles; so all cats are thieves.  Some of them swell to Garfield-size on pilfered kibble, reminding us of Orwell's Animal Farm pigs who are "more equal than others". 

Furry Commissars!

Cats are elitists.  They look down their feline noses at humanity, dogs and other creatures. They purr and they purr, all the while seeming to deliver dull environmental lectures on the "sustainability of their kitty litter boxes"!

Dogs are fanatically loyal.  Cats are notoriously unfaithful -- always "catting" about!

A few dog breeds may even be considered "Right Wing Extremists".  Dobermanns clearly have fascist tendencies.  Poodles are, of course, monarchists.  But the vast majority of dogs, from pure bred to mutt are comfortably Republican.

Dogs are proud.  Cats are disdainful.

Dogs protect hearth and home.  Cats are often burglars!

Dogs amass a horde of bones.  Cats seek a redistribution of kibble.

Dogs, as noted earlier, serve in the military.  Cats are primarily pacifists -- unless you are a mouse or bird!

Cats play the race card, insisting that Black Cats' Lives Matter.  But dogs understand instinctively that pooches of all colors and shapes have value.

Please note that Lions are an exception to the rule.   Clearly they subscribe to monarchist principles.  And are not to be trifled with.

There are always going to be a few exceptions.  AOC does have a rather cute French Bulldog named Deco...?

Dogs are fine with building a wall.  It keeps out foxes and other interlopers.  Cats leap on top of a wall flicking their tails and parading their general disdain for human contrivances.

Winston Churchill, Britain's great Conservative leader, will always be identified as a bulldog; no matter that he really kept poodles. John Lennon was, of course, a cat person.  "Imagine all the cat toys!"

Reagan had his beloved Rex (A King Charles Spaniel).  Cats "feel the Bern"!

Dogs on the Right / Cats on the Left.

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