Friday, November 9, 2012

A Simple Question

"The Business of America Was Business"
Coolidge Updated for 2012

Commander Kelly asks, "Why would anyone want to own or start up a new business in the USA now if they did not absolutely have to?"

No, QE is not really an answer.

I note that Forbes recently (pre-election) downgraded the USA from #9 to #10 in their list of the best countries to do business.  Canada and New Zealand lead their list.  High taxes, about to get higher still, hurt the USA ranking and also monetary freedom.

Capital goes where it is treated best;  that will not be the USA for the foreseeable future.

Comments most welcome!

Special thanks to Jon Shields for pointing out the Forbes article.

No More Business Time?

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P Scott Cummins said...

Well, we know who to blame, anyway. And now it appears that Jeremy Bentham is even getting out a little more now. Who would win, Obama's empty chair or Bentham securely bolted into his?