Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2016 from The Mayflower!

Mayflower Pub, Rotherhithe, London
Happy Thanksgiving 2016!  We survived another election and we are likely to survive the Trump years just as we survived the Obama years (

The American Conservative tour of London makes its annual Thanksgiving pilgrimage to Rotherhithe on south side of the Thames.

It is quite possible to celebrate uniquely American traditions such as Thanksgiving while living abroad. A group of American guys in London have been going to The Mayflower Pub in Rotherhithe in South London ( on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving for many years now.
Commander K. with statue of Christopher Jones
The Mayflower pub is very the site from which the Mayflower, a 120 ton cargo ship, sailed for the new world in 1620.  After the return journey the Captain of the Mayflower, Christopher Jones, died in London and is buried just across from the pub.  There is is no marked grave for him, but there is a statue (see above photo) commemorating him.

Mayflower Pub, Rotherhithe, London
The Mayflower pub is old -- the oldest pub on the Thames -- but does not quite go back as far as 1620.  They serve the best burger (Kobe beef) in London and have a friendly and attentive staff.  They also have a handsome deck which overlooks the Thames.

Cheers from London!
It was from just this site that Turner observed and painted The Fighting Temeraire -- the most popular painting in Britain which can be found in the National Gallery (see earlier posts, The Fighting Temeraire, 1/16/12 and Skyfall, 10/27/12).  This is the painting that was recently featured in the James Bond movie Skyfall.

Pilgrim Statue, Rotherhithe, London
In November 2012 we have much to be thankful for.  Those of us in London are grateful for the opportunity to live in a fascinating city.  My Democratic friends are grateful for their re-elected President and Senate majority.  We Conservatives are grateful for a Republican House of Representatives and a majority of Republican governors.  All of us can be thankful for the disappearance of  election ads, a peaceful transition of power and the retirement of Ron Paul!

Commander Kelly wishes, "Happy Thanksgiving to all".

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