Thursday, November 8, 2012

A More Dangerous World

Obama versus The Spirit of Chartwell

Americans woke up on 11/7/12 after the re-election of President Obama to a more dangerous world.

In the South Atlantic Ocean, Obama's policy of neutrality between Britain and Argentina over the Falkland Islands represents a reversal that increases the likelihood of regional armed conflict and pits the USA against our oldest ally (Yes, I know the UK's oldest ally is Portugal.) and the principle of self-determination (see earlier post,  The discovery of offshore oil and the absence of an aircraft carrier in the Royal Navy also increase the possibility of a renewed war over the Falklands/Malvinas which our President seems to confuse with the Maldives  (

In the Pacific, China is rattling its sabres over the Senkaku islands (more off-shore oil see video below) and sending out more naval patrol boats probing the ocean in a test of will (  President Obama's failure to stand with our ally Japan seems to have emboldened China in its aggressive posturing.  We, therefore, face a potentially devastating conflict between the #2 and #3 largest economies in the world.

In Syria over 20,000 people have been killed while Obama has dithered (see earlier post, Syria Burning 10/12/12).  The Assad dictatorship is supported by weapon's from Obama's buddy Vladimir Putin (  Thousands of refugees spill into Turkey and Jordan.  Mortar attacks into our NATO ally, Turkey, are greeted with silence by this administration (

In Iran the centrifuges continue to spin as the sanctions prove ineffectual.  America's inability to check Iran's strongest ally, Syria, has emboldened the Mullahs in Iran.  They assume that Obama's America is a 'paper tiger" determined to pull back from its obligations throughout the world.

Our closest US ally in the Middle East, Israel, has yet to receive a Presidential visit from Obama.

The tragedy that occurred in Libya with the death of Ambassador Stevens, who was a classmate and contemporary of mine at UC Berkeley, has, at a minimum, shown up the incompetence of American foreign policy under President Obama.  The apparent cover-up of Benghazi by this administration will continue to fester in the months to come.

Putin's Russia welcomed the return of Obama to the White House with his promise of renewed flexibility.

Commander Kelly says, "The "Spirit of Chartwell" has been banished from the White House (  Obama's pursuit of neutrality and unilateral disarmament makes the world a more dangerous place than making principled stands with our remaining allies.  I shudder now for America and the world given the US election result.  'Four more years' means many more tears".

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Anonymous said...

Chris, Two days after the presidential election, this kind of article is just what is not needed. Instead of a position of working together, your opinion is the kind that continues to drive nasty partisan politics. Think we'd all be better off if you took the high road next time. Or at least wait a few weeks before starting the nasty rhetoric once again.


Commander Kelly said...


Thanks, my friend, for reading and for commenting. We will agree to disagree on this one. Commander Kelly will NOT be silenced.

The American people have chosen Obama; time alone will tell whether they have chosen wisely.