Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Yvonne Fletcher (RIP) and ... Commander Bond?

WPC Yvonne Fletcher 1958 - 1984

The Conservative tour of London continues in the tony St. James square in London.

St. James Square, London
Here you may come across a small plaque dedicated to the memory of Yvonne Fletcher. On April 17th, 1984 shots rang out here from the direction of the Libyan embassy which fronted St. James square at that time.  Eleven people were shot and one, 25 year-old policewoman Yvonne Fletcher, died of her wound.  No one was ever arrested in connection with this murder.

You can read about the full case here...


In 2011 Gaddafi was killed (see earlier post "Yankee fan kills Gaddafi with his own Golden Gun," January 15th, 2012).

But what ever happened to Fletcher's killers?  Will justice ever be served?  Excellent questions.

Many, many years later on August 30, 2011, the BBC reported the following...

"We can confirm today the death of Abdulqadir al-Baghdadi who is the head of the Revolutionary Guards. He was a minister and he was also accused of shooting Yvonne Fletcher in London in 1984," deputy head of Tripoli's council, Usama El-Abed, said.

"We just found the body and he was shot in the head."

Here is the full story...


So let's get this straight.  During the recent turmoil in Libya and shortly before Gaddafi's own death, Yvonne Fletcher's killer gets a one shot "tap"to the head in Libya.

Commander Kelly would suggest that James Bond is alive and well!


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