Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Faces of Conservatism - Gilbert and George

Gilbert and George

Last week Rush Limbaugh got into hot water for using derogatory terms to describe a woman with whom he disagreed on contraceptives.  I have sometimes enjoyed Rush who is brilliant and often amusing.  Anyone who speaks for live 15 hours (less commercials) is bound, however, to make some mistakes.  Rush's error was seized upon by President Obama in a shameless attempt to politicize it and demonise conservatism with with half of the voting population.

As an alternative to Rush's buffoonery, I would like to offer this as a set of new fresh fresh faces for the big tent of Conservatism -- the artists Gilbert and George.  Here's this from a recent Evening Standard article about them...

"By the mid-Seventies they were already a fully fledged double-act. Sexually libertarian, revolutionary even, they have always been politically conservative and are harsh judges of those who do not share their work ethic. They both dismiss the St Paul’s protesters as “hippies” and “idiots” and would rather side with the bankers than “some vegan twit on benefits”, they think Boris Johnson is “a wonderful modern person” and believe fiercely in “making money”.

“We make our art, we try to sell it. We are doing it day and night, we are here at 5am trying to do it every day for the last 40 years. That’s fantastic, no?” says Gilbert."

Here is the full article...

Then there is this from their Wikipedia entry...

"Gilbert & George are an oddity in the artistic world because of their openly conservative political views and their praise for Margaret Thatcher. George claims never to have been anti-establishment: "you're not allowed to be Conservative in the art world, of course", he says. "Left equals good. Art equals Left. Pop stars and artists are meant to be so original. So how come everyone has the same opinion? ... We admire Margaret Thatcher greatly. She did a lot for art. Socialism wants everyone to be equal. We want to be different."  The duo are monarchists and have said of the Prince of Wales: "We're also fond of the Prince of Wales: he's a gentleman."  Source: Wikipedia

Commander Kelly says, "go check out Gilbert and George!"

Gilbert and George: London Pictures opens at the White Cube galleries in Hoxton Square, Mason’s Yard and Bermondsey on March 9, 2012.

Live where you want, how you want, be free!

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