Friday, March 23, 2012

The American Revolution

Christopher Hitchens points out, quite properly, that the American Revolution is the only revolution which continues to evolve and remain a dynamic force in the world.  The American Revolution was not an uprising by the oppressed and disadvantaged against those in power.  It was a revolution led by planters, farmers and merchants against Great Britain and George III.   It was a revolution that affirmed property rights and the primacy of the free individual.

The American Revolution was and remains a Conservative revolution.

The Russian Revolution is dead.  Mao's revolution is irrelevant to modern China.  The French Revolution belongs to history.

Only the American revolution is ongoing.

Commander Kelly say, "God Bless Christopher Hitchens"!

Why is it that Christopher Hitchens, a socialist and atheist who was born in England, "gets it" and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a US Supreme Court Justice, can't seem to?

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