Wednesday, January 11, 2012


The 2012 Republican nominee...?

With his convincing win in New Hampshire last night, it seems increasingly likely that Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee this fall.  He is leading in the polls in South Carolina.  The fact that a non-serious candidate, Ron Paul, came in second in NH makes it seem even more unlikely that any other Republican will seriously challenge Romney for the nomination.

Newt's scorched earth tactics in going after Romney for his role at Bain seems particularly ill-advised and desperate.  How disappointing after Newt's more elevated above the fray approach in the earlier debates!

Short of an incredibly major gaffe or a serious health issue, Romney has pretty much got the nomination wrapped up.


Anonymous said...

Just because it seems as though he can't win doesn't make Paul a "non-serious" candidate. Its not always about winning. Sometimes its about competing....

Adam said...

Declaring victory for Romney is equivalent to going to a baseball game, watching the leadoff guy in the 1st inning hit a home run, and saying, "It's over," and immediately heading back home. He has less than 1% of the necessary delegates for the nomination. Paul may not do well in the next two contests (SC and FL), but he will be *very* competitive in the next four (NV, ME, CO, and MN). It'll be anybody's game heading into Super Tuesday (March 6).

And no matter how much you disagree with him, Paul *is* a serious candidate. (You agree that Obama is a serious candidate, no?) He has (among others) Doug Wead on staff, who was part of Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II's winning campaign teams. Just compare the ads the campaign ran in 2008 to the ones they are running this time. they are definitely in it to win it.

Anonymous said...

Paul is only serious if he becomes a strong enough conservative that he pulls more Republican leaning votes in the general election than Democratic leaning votes from Obama if he runs as an independent. Thankfully, there are plenty of Paul supporters on each side.