Sunday, January 22, 2012

A President with a Flawed Character?

Could a man, who had not attended University or even graduated from High School, become President of the United States?

What if he were a slaveholder, would that disqualify?

What if he had fought numerous duels, some of which were fatal to his opponents?

What if he lived with a woman who was married to another man at the time?

What if he had grown up fatherless (perhaps his father died 3 weeks before his birth)?

Could such a man, with such grave character flaws, become a successful President of the United States?

Well, Andrew Jackson (b.1767 to d.1845) was all of the above and did a pretty good job as 7th President of the United States supporting a limited role for the federal government.

Old Hickory

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Adam said...

See, I knew all the time you were playing the race card on Ron Paul, the fact is you don't really care about racial issues all that much. Jackson committed genocide against the natives, but you are willing to overlook that. Paul made a bad managerial decision and you pretend that he is the worst racist to ever run for public office.