Friday, June 29, 2012

Flying Heritage Collection

Hawker Hurricane (FHC Everett, WA)

Near Paine Field where the massive Boeing hangars and testing runways are, you will find the Flying Heritage Collection in Everett, Washington.  (  This collection was assembled by Microsoft founder Paul Allen. Allen's father was in the U.S. army in the second wave at Normandy on D-day in 1944.   Allen has noted the rapid technological progress that took place during World War II (jet engines, radar, rocketry, FM radio and much more).

The collection features famous aircraft from World War II that are maintained in flying condition.  These planes don't just collect dust -- they take them out for a spin on a regular basis.  These planes are lovingly cared for and curated.

B-25J "Mitchell" Bomber (FHC, Everett WA)

The FHC features a B-25, the same type of plane used in Doolittle's famous 1942 raid on Tokyo.  They have a P-51 Mustang -- the most famous American fighter of the war  (see earlier posts on Red Tails versus...Obama, 6/20/12 and Tommy Hitchcock and the P-51, 6/27/12).  The FHC has a Hawker Hurricane and a Supermarine Spitfire the two planes that won the Battle of Britain for the RAF.  They also have some amazing axis planes as well including two Focke Wulfs and a Japanese Zero.  They even have examples of the V-1 buzz bombs that rained down on London in the later stages of the war in Europe.

Japanese Oscar (FHC Everett, WA)

You will find the ME-109, the workhorse fighter of the Luftwaffe...

ME-109 (FHC Everett, WA)

Each plane has a unique story behind it and the volunteer docents who work here are seasoned citizens who have a passion for flying and telling great stories.  They do a fantastic job of bringing the displays to life and are generous of their time.

Here is a great example of a classic American close air support plane, the P-47, from World War II...

Republic P-47D (FHC Everett, WA)
The Soviet Forces are well represented with Polikarpov's, including "The Rat" (see below).

Polikarpov 1-16 "The Rat"  (FHC Everett, WA)

The Soviets built probably the best tanks of World War II and here you will find some interesting examples as well...

T -34 (FHC Everett, WA)

Commander Kelly says, "Go visit the Flying Heritage Collection soon!"

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