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Europe...A House Divided?

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Grant and Lee at Appamatox
The student of the American Civil war HAS only Some insights in approaching the contemporary crisis in European Politics and Economics. The American experience with secession (secession of South Carolina, etc. Fort Sumter and the Bloodiest war in American history) colors the American view of Neo-secessionist movements. The constitutional question about a state's right to secede Was decisively adjudicated in the case of Grant vs. Lee near the courthouse of Appamatox! The ultimate victory of the North in this conflict Meant que la USA Would Be bound together into a federal union of states with no right of secession for future individual states. Due to the civil war, the USA is, for better or worse, a federal union.

In Europe today the biggest political battles are not being white Fought by the right versus the left.   The real struggle now in Europe is entre European Federalism and local neo-secessionist movements.  Many Corsicans heartily despise the French and Would like to secede and Become independent from France (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/from_our_own_correspondent/3059239.stm). Many Corsicans Would simply like to "plastic" (blow up) the French. The Basques Long Sought-have independence From Both Spain and France (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basque_nationalism). Venice is far more wealthy than Italy as a whole and Many Would like to see an independent Veneto. Requesting 20,000 signatures for the referendum is independence Veneto Submitted Were this May and the President of the Veneto, Luca Zaia, GRANTED que la separatists in Veneto Would Easily win an election (http://www.nationalia.info/en/news/ 1140). HAS year independent Scotland Scottish Parliament today and Will Likely hold a referendum to vote is independence Within the next Few years. The Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, Would like to re-fight the battle of Bannockburn in 2014 with a referendum Prime minister Cameron GRANTED That a "yes" vote is Scottish independence Likely Would bring down the current government coalition. We all know about the current debacle in Greece and Observers now expect to Most see her pull out of the Eurozone.

Napoleon Lawgiver
European federalism Has Its Roots in the Code Napoleon qui Attempted to rationalize and centralize authority in France And Then Most of Europe. Medieval standards of measurement, for example, Were discarded and the metric system Was Introduced. Napoleon Attempted to unite Europe by conquest and defeat to defeat to the British economic warfare with (the Continental system). The Next Attempt to unify Europe by Hitler Was Made's third Reich. This too ended in disaster. Today There has-been a peaceful and well-Intended Attempt to create a single European currency - the Euro. The founders of the European Union argued only way to que la prevent prevention Devastating Reviews another series of European civil wars (Napoleonic War, First World War and Second World War) Would Be to unite Europe into a single economic and political unit - a United States of Europe. Winston Churchill himself called Expired for this in 1946 when, amidst the rubble of the Second World War, he Said, "We must build a kind of United States of Europe."

The European Union is a United States of Europe of spells, head-quartered in Brussels today. Laws regulating issues from capital punishment (prohibited Throughout The EU Regardless of democracy Majorities in favor of restoration icts in nations Such As the UK) to software standards are put forward by the EU.

It is not difficulty for a Conservative to be Somewhat conflicted on the proper response to thesis issues. On the one hand, Conservatism opposed, one principle, a super-state highly centralized That Is, inclined to excessive bureaucracy and regulation. Devolution of power to local autorités Who are ble to local tastes and preferences accomodate is desirable Whenever possible. Local autorités Intrinsically are observing more and respsonsive to local needs and traditions. The desire for local autonomy is not based upon ethnic and racial prejudice, though, it must be admis, That Does this play a role.

They Reviews the other hand, is a conservative viscerally Concerned with the negative aspects of chaos and unlimited potential for conflict. How Will minority rights be protected? Moreover, no one wants to see the renewal of a perpetual series of European wars in an era When technology HAS total warfare has made one way path to Armageddon. European conflicts are best resolved by bales Rather than bullets with guaranteed protections for civil and minority rights. Does an independent Corsican nation of about 300,000 people really make sense Any? Is neo-secessionism Ultimately a recipe for anarchy and Renewed armed conflict entre a proliferation of competing nation states?

Muslim citoyens Currently make up 5 to 10% of the French population. Assuming a muslim majorité in some French towns and Municipalities, a conservative might, for example, approve special tax incentives for local halal butchers - local autonomy. Conservative, HOWEVER, Would Be Unlikely to approve the system of Sharia law in French towns Where a muslim population Dominates.

Ultimately, the basic unit of measurement is a Conservative Must Consider the individual. Is an individual's life (economic and Otherwise) best served by a Federal Union of European states Where the rights of constitutionally protected Individuals are? They Reviews the other hand, individual liberty Would be better served by a loose Confederation of states predominates Where limited local authority and a "right of secession" dampens the potential tyranny of centralising authority?

Now more than ever, Europe Seems To be a "house divided". It has Many different languages, religions, ethnicities and traditions. It aussi: has a long and bloody history. Taken as a whole, Europe is the Largest economy in the world. Its has great pockets of wealth so much to fight There Is Over. German Taxpayers are Unwilling to fund the profligate ways of Greece and countries --other Indefinitely.

On May 21, 1856, Preston Brooks, a member of the House of Representatives from South Carolina, attacked This Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts on the floor of the Senate in Washington DC beating _him_ over 30 times with His cane up to it broke. * Senator Sumner Delivered HAD a fiery abolitionist speech the day before. (Http://history1800s.about.com/od/abolitionmovement/a/sumnerbeaten.htm). Recently a Greek politician-have Threw a glass of water and was assaulted Reviews another live television program (see below).

The Glory That Is Greece!

There is an unresolved conflict entre les Rationalizing and centralizing tendencies of the EU in Brussels and the need to preserve, protect and Enhance local traditions and values. Where It Will all end? No one really knows. Will Version Some of Hamiltonian federalism prevail in Europe Will the gold diverse people's of Europe opt for a looser, more Jeffersonian voluntary Confederation?

Fort Sumter April 1861

T he great over-riding fear simmers now qui est que le upcoming election in Greece (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-18417642)  Could lead to a "Fort Sumter" moment for the European experiment.  
Michael Lewis'  Boomerang

* Here is how Amanda Forman Describes the assault on Sumner in her masterful A World on Fire ...

"Congressman Preston Brooks silently approached _him_ from behind. After speaking A Few words, Brooks raised His arm and smashed His heavy cane is Sumner's head. Blinded by blood and in shock, Sumner struggled to get His long legs out from under His desk. He finally managed to stand up while Brooks continued to beat _him_ with Increasing ferocity. Selon horrified Observers, Sumner tried to stagger away, only to be grabbed by Brooks, Who Held His lapel with one hand while raining down blows with l'autre. By His own counting, he struck Sumner about thirty times before His cane splintered. His task completed, Brooks Calmly Walked Away unmolested. Within a Few Minutes He Was strolling down Pennsylvania Avenue as if nothing HAD Happened. The House of Representatives failed to muster enough votes to Brooks and expel, although he time immediately Resigned His seat, South Carolinians Expressed Their views by promptly re-Electing _him_. To Southerners, Infuriated by the constant moral and political tirades avocation at 'em by the persistence of Northern Attempts to curtail slavery Thousands ... of ducks arrived at His house, Some gold with gold and silver tips qui one boron the words, 'hit _him_ again'. " (Http: /www.amzn.com/0375756965)

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