Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oysters in Shanghai!

Top Chef #1 in Shanghai, Jacky is on right

The experience that I had in Shanghai that makes me cautiously optimistic about China -- in spite of its many challenges (see earlier post China Today, 9/11/12)-- was the discovery of oysters in Shanghai.

I went last week with a couple of colleagues to a restaurant in Shanghai called Top Chef (  There I met the chef and owner Jacky.  Top Chef  is probably the best Italian restaurant in Shanghai, perhaps in all China.  Jacky was trained as a chef in Italy.  During the 2010 world exposition held in Shanghai he worked at the Italian exhibition.  He is married with two children.

His menu features Italian favorites such as Insalata Caprese, fresh homemade pastas and even bistecca Fiorentina.  The mussels steamed in a tomato and garlic sauce were delicious.  The steak (Canadian beef) was cooked and salted to perfection.  They have an excellent selection of Italian wines to complement your meal.

As a lover of the bivalve, (see earlier posts Sweetings 5/15/12 and Oysters and World War II 8/27/12) I was particularly impressed with the presence of oysters in Shanghai.  Jacky has Belon oysters flown in from France.  There is nothing quite like the sea-bottom taste of fresh Belons.  Thank goodness we are now in an "R" month!

Commander Kelly says, "Mama Mia, if in Shanghai and you get weary of Chinese food, be sure to check out Top Chef and say "hello" to Jacky for me!"

Top Chef's local phone number is (021) 53028132.

Special Thanks to Dan Thorman for introducing me to Top Chef (see photo above on left)

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