Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Tailor in Bangkok -- Empire Tailors

It's "Always Sunny" at Empire Tailors, Bangkok, Thailand
Looking for a great deal on handmade suits and shirts?  Interested in some beautiful silk ties from Thailand?  Look no further than Commander Kelly's official tailor!

Commander Kelly now has an official tailor, headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand.  His name is Harji Palsingh, but you can call him "Sunny"!  His store is called Empire Tailors, 124-126 Between Sukhumvit Soi 4 - Soi  6, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. Tel: 02-254 4760-1, Fax: 02-254 4762.  www.theempiretailors.com.

Sunny and Commander K., Bangkok, Thailand
I really put Sunny to the test on my recent stay in Bangkok.  I was only in town for three nights and could only be fitted on the one day (Saturday) I arrived in his store.  Nevertheless, I was able to go in for 4 fittings in one day and purchase one tailored suit and 6 handmade shirts for under a $1,000.  The price was a steal compared to prices in the USA or UK.  The quality of the materials and workmanship was outstanding.  The customer service was always attentive and friendly.

Commander K. in my suit from Empire Tailors, Seattle WA

If your travels bring you to Bangkok treat yourself to a new suit; you can also send him your measurements and Sunny will ship the goods to you.  Either way, you are certain to be pleased.

Special Thanks to Sunny!

Here again is his link...www.theempiretailors.com

One Night in Bangkok and the World's your Oyster!

You can now purchase Commander Kelly's 
first book, America Invades here...www.americainvades.com or on Amazon...www.amzn.com/1940598427


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