Friday, September 21, 2012

Japanese Toilets

Commander K. at Ryokan, Mount Fuji, Lake Kawaguchiko

I had the pleasure of staying in a Japanese Ryokan on my recent visit to the Mount Fuji area.  The Kukuna Inn ( was conveniently located at the base of Lake Kawaguchiko.  On check in, all guests are issued a Japanese Yukata which they encourage guests to wear at breakfast and dinner, which are included in the price.  This may strike westerners as a bit odd, but it does simplify one's decision making process and reduce laundry issues.

This Ryokan had wonderful Onsai baths which are communal, but separated by gender.  On a cloudless day -- which I did not experience -- you could see Mount Fuji from your bath. They had outdoor and indoor options for their Onsai.

Amazing Japanese toilet
Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the Kukuna Ryokan, however, was the toilet in my room's bathroom.  When you open the door to the bathroom several things happened: 1) the light came on automatically, 2) the toilet seat popped up and 3) the toilet seat started heating.  When you sit down to do your business, the sound of birdsong fills the air to soothe you through the experience.  When you stand up, the toilet flushes automatically.

Commander Kelly says, "Never have I enjoyed evacuating on vacation more than in Japan!"

Turning Japanese

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