Saturday, August 11, 2012

USS Intrepid - "The Fighting I"

Commander Kelly aboard the USS Intrepid, NYC

Even in liberal New York City you can find evidence of the overwhelmingly benign influence of America's Military Industrial Complex (MIC).  In Hell's kitchen you will find the USS Intrepid moored off of Manhattan (  The USS Intrepid is an Essex class Aircraft carrier that was launched in 1943 during World War II and served until 1974.  It is now a floating museum based in Manhattan.

Ship's Bell, USS Intrepid, NYC
The USS Intrepid ( was launched on April 26th in 1943 during World War II.  She was built by the Newport News and Dry Dock company (see earlier posts, The Corporations that Won World War II, 7/20/12 and Freedom's Forge, 8/10/12).  She is nick-named the "Fighting I".  She was launched in Norfolk, VA, but saw extensive service in the Pacific theatre.

WW II Battle Record of the "Fighting I"
She served in the battle of Leyte Gulf.  She helped to sink the Yamato.  She was damaged and repaired several times in the course of the war.  She survived 5 direct hits by Japanese Kamikaze aircraft.

Homeward Bound
She was in active service from 1943 until 1974.  She was a cold war warrior serving three tours of duty in the Vietnam war.  The USS Intrepid also acted as recovery ship for Mercury and Gemini space missions.

A-4 Cold War era jet, USS Intrepid, NYC
Today you will find many interesting aircraft on her decks including an SR - 71 spyplane -- the fastest plane ever built.

Commander K. and the SR-71, USS Intrepid, NYC
They have British built Harrier jump jet that was used by the US Marine corps.

USMC Harrier Jump Jet, USS Intrepid, NYC
You will see helicopters...

Coast Guard Chopper

You will even find a Polish Mig!

Polish Mig, USS Intrepid, NYC

You will also find the only diesel-powered strategic missile submarine open to the public--the USS Growler.

USS Growler, NYC
A supersonic Concorde is also on display.  They have recently added an extensive space shuttle exhibit.

Commander K. on board "The Fighting I"
Commander Kelly says, "If you are in New York be sure to visit the USS Intrepid.  GO NAVY!"

Special thanks to my terrific brother-in-law, Vincent Driano!

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