Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why I Write?

Why I write?

As a father, I write in the hope that my children will, someday, read me. I write in answer to the age-old question asked by children to their mothers everywhere, "Why is dad so grumpy, anyway?"

I write in order to say that which ought to be said, but is, somehow, not being written elsewhere.

I write, not to praise war, but rather to understand it better.

I write to help understand the foundation of my own opinions and to test them in the fire of opposition.

I write in reverence for the past and its profound impact on our present, its influence on our future.

I write in reverence for the value of human life and the importance of liberty for all people.

I write against those who would ignore or distort the past to grind their ideological axes whether they are libertarians, Marxists, etc.

I write because I must.

Thanks for reading!

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