Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Forgetting of History

Munich 1972

In The Dictator (see earlier post, The Dictator, 5/29/12) there is a hilarious/tasteless scene depicting Cohen's character, Aladeen, playing a video game that simulates the slaughter of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympic games.  The film pays its viewers the compliment of presuming that they remember or understand what happened 40 years ago in Munich (  As Ali G. would say, "Respect!"

We are now on the verge of the 2012 London Olympics.  Israel requested that the IOC honor the memories of those slain 40 years ago in Munich with an official "minute of silence" to remember the tragedy.  The IOC recently refused.  (  He who controls the past controls the future as well.

Separately, there have been internet hoaxes about the banning of the teaching of the Holocaust in the UK Curriculum that have proven to be false.  I was, however, astonished to learn recently that a non-muslim Tory politician, Lord Baker, has actually come out in favour of such a ban...

What harm could a minute of silence in London this summer possibly represent?  Apparently it is too great a risk for the IOC to contemplate.  This may give many a prospective Olympic tourist guest pause.  What is the IOC afraid of anyway?  Will Oldman imitators (see earlier posts, Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race 4/15/12 and Breivik and Oldman, 4/20/12) disrupt the games on behalf of their respective causes?  What exactly is Lord Baker afraid of anyway?

Commander Kelly says, "Remember always!"

UPDATE 7/21/12...
Bob Costas has not forgotten...

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