Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Sweetings, 39 Queen Victoria Street, London

Sweetings is a refreshing stop on the American Conservative tour of London.  It was founded in 1830 and has been operating from the present location since 1889.  It is a great place for fresh seafood -- native oysters, dover sole, smoked Scottish salmon, lobster and some of the best fish and chips in London.  All of this can be washed down with an excellent selection of French wines and also tankards of black velvet (a combination of Guiness and champagne that was reputedly invented as the funeral beverage of Prince Albert -- black for a funeral, champagne because Albert loved it).  Be sure to leave room for spotted Dick with cream for dessert!

Sweetings is a friendly though quirky restaurant located in the City of London near St. Pauls' cathedral and is open Monday through Friday for lunch only! It does NOT take reservations.  It also refuses to serve coffee.

Tradition, individuality, good seafood and adult beverages -- what more could a conservative want?

Here is the link...http://www.sweetingsrestaurant.com/

Commander Kelly says, "For the best lunch in London, go to Sweetings!"

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