Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Revolutionary

The revolutionary is clever enough to perceive that something is wrong with the world, but not clever enough to realize that HE is that something!  The terrorist too.

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Quelin Sepulveda said...

I understand why it would seem that way, but a revolutionary differs slightly from a terrorist.
I mean in the sense that the aim of a terrorist is to cause chaos and distress, whereas a revolutionary has ideas that would be considered radical by others but not necessarily wrong.

Everyone at some point that brought about ideas that differed somehow from what was deemed correct by the state was considered a revolutionary. Ironically many of these ideas are what brought about much progress in human history, like Martin Luther King, George Washington, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and list the list goes on.

Conservatism is important, but change is also needed in order to make progress.

(by the way, I'm liking the blogs Mr Kelly) :D