Friday, December 16, 2011

Blazing Saddles Presidency

I love Mel Brooks!  "The Producers", "Young Frankenstein" and "Blazing Saddles" are all cinematic comedy classics.  "The Producers" stage shows have sold over $1b in tickets.  Less well know, is the fact that Mel Brooks was also a combat veteran of WWII, serving in the combat engineers.  According to an NPR interview, he would occasionally taunt German soldiers with schtick during evening patrol duty.
Movie Poster 1974

Mel also deserves credit for creating the film which is the best metaphor for the political times in which we live for we now live in the Blazing Saddles presidency...

I happened this past summer to be watching the 1974 Comedy Classic "Blazing Saddles" this summer when a revelation hit me.  Why did it all look so very familiar...?  Where had I seen this before?  Of course, we have been living through the Blazing Saddles Presidency this past two years!
Just about two years ago, the American electorate chose the good looking young back guy with no experience to wear the silver star.  The role of "Bart" would now be played by Barrack instead of Cleavon Little.  Gene Wilder's role would now be played by Axelrod/Rahm.  The corrupt governor Will J LePetomane who cynically appoints Bart as sheriff would now be played by the corrupt and recently convicted Governor Blagojevich who cynically attempts to sell Barrack's senate seat to the highest bidder.
Even the least sensitive nostrils among us cannot help but detect the odour wafting from the campfire of Chicago power politics!
The unforgettable character Mongo who punched the horse and said mournfully, "Mongo only pawn in game of life" would now go to Joe Biden instead of the NFL's Alex Karras. 

Who else but Hillary Clinton in the role of Lili Von Schtupp?

The good news is that if the 21st century real life remake plays true to the Hollywood original then we are in for a one term sheriff!

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