Friday, December 16, 2011

American Eagle Squadron

American Eagle Grosvenor Square
Visit Grosvenor square in London just adjacent to the site of the American Embassy and in London and you will find a small statue commemorating the American Eagle squadron.  These men were a band of Americans who volunteered to serve with the RAF and fought in the battle of Britain BEFORE Pearl harbor.   They, along with Czechs, Poles, Canadians, New Zealanders, South Africans and others joined the British in becoming a part of "the few" that fought and won the "Battle of Britain".

Astonishingly, there was even a solitary German in the ranks of "the few"--Ken Adam.  He was a German Jew born in 1921 who went to live in London before the war broke out.  He went on to design sets for many of the early James Bond films and also "2001 a space Odyssey".

Many of the American Eagles lost their lives fighting to save the West from brutal fascism.  They had, at times, to defy American law in order to do so.  Other Americans residents in London at the time also joined the Home Guard.

Ron Paul's Wingnut supporters would call them Interventionists, Warmongers or Neoconservatives.  I prefer to call them heroes.

God Bless the American Eagles and their tremendous sacrifice!

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