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Nietzsche and the 2020 Election

Political Prophet?
1844 - 1900

What could a German philosopher who died in 1900, never having visited the USA or used social media, possibly have to say about the 2020 Election in America?  Quite a bit as it turns out.  Friedrich Nietzsche has always been a polarizing and controversial figure.  This son of Lutheran minister famously declared that "God is dead."  He has been unfairly accused of being a proto-Nazi -- though this was true of his sister Elizabeth and his (for a while) good friend Richard Wagner.  Nietzsche served as an artillerist in the Prussian Army during the Franco-Prussian War.  But his biggest salvoes were directed against the Christian Church, Western decadence and, sadly, women.

Nietzsche was also an inspired Philosophical Cassandra of our modern world.  In 1888 he seemed to foresee the World Wars of 20th Century writing, "there will be wars the like of which have never been seen on earth before."  He made important contributions to psychology, literature as well as philosophy.

Today, on February 22, 2020, the "Democratic herd animals" are going big for Bernie in the Nevada caucus.

The Will to Become POTUS

In a note written in The Will to Power ( in 1885 Nietzsche predicted  the broad outlines of the American Democratic process in 2020...

Bernie Sanders
"A Hopeless and Sour Affair"
Bernie Bros: The tyranny of the least and dumbest

"Socialism--as the logical conclusion of the tyranny of the least and the dumbest, i.e., those who are superficial, envious, and three-quarters actors--is indeed entailed by "modern ideas" and their latent anarchism; but in the tepid air of democratic well-being the capacity to reach conclusions, or to finish, weakens. One follows--but one no longer sees what follows.

"The Poisonous and desperate face" of
Elizabeth Warren
"Superficial, envious and 3/4 actor"
Therefore socialism is on the whole a hopeless and sour affair; and nothing offers a more amusing spectacle than the contrast between the poisonous and desperate faces cut by today's socialists--and to what wretched and pinched feelings their style bears witness!--and the harmless lambs' happiness of their hopes and desiderata (CRK: Free College and Free Health Care for all!). Nevertheless, in many places in Europe they may yet bring off occasional coups and attacks: there will be deep "rumblings" in the stomach of the next century, and the Paris commune, which has its apologists and advocates in Germany, too, was perhaps no more than a minor indigestion compared to what is coming (CRK: The Russian Revolution).

"One must possess something in order to be something"
But there will always be too many who have possessions for socialism to signify more than an attack of sickness--and those who have possessions are of one mind on one article of faith: "one must possess something in order to be something." But this is the oldest and healthiest of all instincts: I should add, "one must want to have more than one has in order to become more."

Michael Bloomberg
Trump shattered the glass ceiling for billionaires in 2016 paving the way for Bloomberg and Steyer
"One must want to have more than one has in order to become more"
He can't go to Turbo Tax!

For this is the doctrine preached by life itself to all that has life: the morality of development (CRK adds..the morality of developers too!). To have and to want to have more--growth, in one word--that is life itself (CRK..."More winning!").

AOC, with her Green New Deal, is afraid that
The earth is exhausted...

In the doctrine of socialism there is hidden, rather badly, a "will to negate life"; the human beings or races that think up such a doctrine must be bungled. Indeed, I should wish that a few great experiments might prove that in a socialist society life negates itself, cuts off its own roots. (CRK attacks energy and fracking, etc.) The earth is large enough and man still sufficiently unexhausted; hence such a practical instruction and demonstratio ad absurdum (CRK...demonstration or proof of absurdity) would not strike me as undesirable, even if it were gained and paid for with a tremendous expenditure of human lives (CRK ...How many victims of Socialism in the 20th century "Felt the burn"?  According to The Black Book of Communism, around 100 million victims of collectivism in the 20th century or roughly four times more human victims than can be laid at the door of Hitler's vile fascism

Amy Kobuchar is the class of the Democratic field
Has zero chance of winning the nomination,
But is hardly a marasmus femininus!

In any case, even as a restless mole under the soil of a society that wallows in stupidity, socialism will be able to be something useful and therapeutic: it delays "peace on earth" and the total mollification of the democratic herd animal; it forces the Europeans to retain spirit, namely cunning and cautious care, not to abjure manly and warlike virtues altogether, and to retain some remnant of spirit, of clarity, sobriety, and coldness of the spirit -- it protects Europe for the time being from the marasmus femininus (CRK..."feminine decay, malnutrition or atrophy") that threatens it."

Pelosi: Marasmus Feminismus Par Excellence

Commander K's conclusion: That is to say, the nomination of Bernie Sanders with his life-negating socialism virtually guarantees Trump's re-election in 2020!  Petulant Pelosi (the marasmus femininus par excellence)  seems to have ripped up Dem chances at the 2020 SOTU speech. 

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