Sunday, August 6, 2017

Napoleon House

The Napoleon House in New Orleans ( positively reeks with historic atmosphere.  I have trod the Napoleonic trail from Ajaccio Corsica to Waterloo Belgium and this is one of my favorite Napoleonic stops in the world.  It remains a classic "What might have been?"  Any visitor to New Orleans should stop by for at least one drink!

This is what we noted in the Louisiana chapter of America Invaded: A State by State Guide to Fighting on American Soil...

Napoleon Bust
Musée de l'Armée, Paris, France
"Louisianans plotted in the 1820s to bring one of history’s greatest invaders to their shores. A conspiracy was formed to rescue the exiled Napoleon from his British captors on the rocky island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic. Ships were obtained, crews were formed. A house was built to suit the emperor for his sojourn in the New World. From this house, future Napoleonic invasions directed against the possessions of the dying Spanish Empire in Central and South America might be hatched. Today, the Napoleon House in New Orleans remains a watering hole for thirsty tourists, who can savor its grilled alligator po-boys while enjoying its historic atmosphere. Napoleon himself foiled the conspiracy by dying, most likely of stomach cancer, in 1821, prior to the execution of the plot."

Plot you own conspiracy at the Napoleon House!

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