Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Infinite Regression of Secession

California is a deep blue state.  Hillary won the state in November 2016 with over 8 million votes versus 4.19 million for Donald Trump.  Many Californians have expressed their exasperation with the Electoral college system that awarded the Presidency to Trump.  They note that California would be the sixth largest economy in the world.  Some have even gone so far as to call for a Cal-Exit from the Union (

One of the many problems with secession, however, is that it always leads to an infinite regression of subsequent secessions.  When one smaller political entity manages to secede from a larger political entity the establishment of this precedent allows an even smaller political entities to demand secession from the newly formed state.

The birth of West Virginia during the US Civil War is an historic case in point.

We discussed this phenomenon in the West Virginia chapter of America Invaded: A State by State Guide to Fighting on American Soil (

"West Virginia was, in fact, part of Virginia up until the Civil War. But the western part of the state was very different from the Tidewater shore of Chesapeake Bay. There were, for example, no plantations and very few slaves in western Virginia. On May 23, 1861, Virginia voted to secede from the Union. West Virginia, on the other hand, chose to secede from the secession.

Two Wheeling conventions were held in May and June of 1861. Supporters of the Union won a referendum, and a state constitution was adopted. On June 20, 1863, West Virginia became the thirty-fifth state to join the Union."

If California were (inexplicably) able to pull off a secession for the rest of the United States then why couldn't Orange County secede from the Republic of California?  And then why couldn't Pasadena secede from Orange County?  And so on.

Why, in fact, couldn't an individual citizen simply secede from the the tax base?  A tempting if anarchic thought!

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RDF2 said...

Secession is the most American of values.

Being able to leave a government that abuses your rights is why the Free States of America were created.

Socialists like the allegedly "conservative" author believe government must be big and powerful, and are hostile to individual liberty. They're just Collectivists pretending to love the Constitution.


Commander Kelly said...

Interesting that "Mrs K" identifies herself as a professional dominatrix! I would never trust an amateur in that category.