Monday, July 29, 2013

Churchill on the Fiver!

Coming in 2016
Given last year's election result in the United States, Obamacare, various Supreme court decisions, etc., cheery news for conservatives has been somewhat rare of late.  I am delighted to announce that I can finally report some excellent political news out of Britain!
An original Churchill
Dallas Museum of Art
For years the five pound note has featured Elizabeth Fry.  If you just asked "Who was Elizabeth Fry?", you are not alone.  She played a role in penal reform.

In 2016 Fry's image will be replaced by that of Winston Spencer Churchill  Churchill has been repeatedly proclaimed the greatest Briton of all time, surpassing all English Kings, Queens and even Shakespeare.

A "Fiver" will become known as a "Winston".  The British will then have even more conservatism in their wallets (see earlier post on Adam Smith

Who says that Conservatives despise change?

Churchill's Cigar Holder + Lighter
Dallas Museum of Art

Commander Kelly says, "I'll smoke to that!"

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Michael Wellesley Wesley said...

Great news. Little known fact…during the wilderness years Churchill and his family lived in Lullenden Manor nr. East Grinstead, Sussex (not that far from Chartwell). While at Lullenden Churchill spent time painting. He painted a fairly small, newly planted copper beach tree in front of the house. Lullenden Manor was purchased by my grandparents in 1946 and they and my parents lived there until it was sold by Mother in 1990 to the head of Salomon Brothers in Europe. I have many happy childhood and teenage memories of Lullenden Manor and a copper beach tree that 50 years on was huge and very impressive. I also remember occasional visits from Mary Soames, Churchill’s daughter. She would drop in whenever she was staying nearby or visiting Chartwell. At one point she brought Martin Gilbert (?) along while he was researching his Churchill mega –work. He then corresponded quite regularly with my parents.