Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First Debate


WOW!  What a contest we just watched!  Much better than I had expected from Romney.  This was simply a decisive win for Governor Romney.  Domestic issues and the economy are Romney's wheelhouse.  Romney was specific, hopeful and upbeat.  Obama was uncomfortable and tired.

Obama was defensive and had that "deer in the headlights"look.  OBAMA SMIRKED in an unpleasant manner when Romney was talking.  His body language was just terrible.  He looked like he wanted to be someplace else.  He shows a complete lack of respect for his opponent -- a devastating underestimation.  Obama's best line was thanking Michelle on their wedding anniversary -- it was all downhill from there on.

Romney won points on the economy, health care and on the constitution.  Romney was courteous, but pointed in his criticism.  Romney took Obama apart on health care and the economy.  Most Americans do want to see Obamacare repealed.  Obama's vanity was again on full display -- note how proud he seems to be that the Affordable Health care bill is named "Obamacare"!

Romney displayed empathy with the suffering of the middle class that is being squeezed while Obama displayed disdain and haughtiness for his opponent and poor Jim Lehrer.

ROMNEY'S USA FLAG PIN WAS BIGGER THAN OBAMA'S.  Bigger is better.  Romney supports a bigger US Flag and a smaller US government.  Obama supports a smaller US flag and bigger central government.

I had hoped for a respectable performance from Romney.  Instead, we saw Romney deliver multiple knockout punches.  Obama was reeling and frequently incoherent.  Obama is a divider while Romney can and has worked out deals across the aisle.

The dirty little secret is that OBAMA HATES HIS JOB and really has a political death wish.  Why else would he say "You didn't build that" to American small business people?  Why would he attack those who are successful and those who aspire to success?

Score this one a decisive Romney Victory!  What a great start to the debate season.  I can feel those battleground state polls tightening. We just saw history being made!

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