Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fenton -- A Conservative Dog in London!

Fenton -- A Conservative dog in London! (not Pepe)

Have you missed Fenton the conservative dog running wild through Richmond park?  Fenton is clearly a fellow London Conservative for the following reasons...

1) Clearly he opposes excessive state regulation.
2) He is an outstanding exemplar of British Liberty.
3) He does not follow the "herd mentality" of liberals in the socialist utopia that is modern Britain.
4) His owner has clear religious and spiritual convictions that are distinctly out of place in modern secular Britain.

Go Fenton!

If you are in Richmond Park on a nice day don't forget to check out Steins -- a terrific German Beer Garden on the Thames.  Commander Kelly says, "Get a big group and order the meter of meat"!

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