Saturday, April 28, 2012

Breivik Tortured in Oslo!

Cruel and Unusual Punishment in Norway!

About 40,000 heartless Norwegians gathered recently to torture mass murder suspect Breivik recently in Oslo.  Their inhuman torture method was not water-boarding, but rather a mass singing of Marxist folk songs!

Perhaps he will be compelled to watch endless re-runs of the Eurovision song contest as well?  When will Human Rights Watch step in and end this senseless brutality?

Why didn't we Americans think about gathering together to serenade Timothy McVeigh with Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell tunes?  "The answer, my friend, is blown' in the wind", etc.  This would have been so much more effective than the lethal injection that he received on June 11, 2001.  Now McVeigh is the poster boy for capital punishment in the USA.

Behring Breivik admits to having killed 77 people.  There is, however,  no possibility that he or any other murderer in Europe will be executed for their crimes -- the European Union forbids it.  After being convicted he will be a guest of the Norwegian royal family at the taxpayer's expense for what, we can hope, will be a lifetime prison sentence.

In August 2011, a representative survey conducted by Angus Reid Public Opinion showed that 65% of Britons support reinstating the death penalty for murder in Great Britain.  They will be disappointed as democracy is now trumped by bureaucracy in contemporary Europe.

Hung Drawn and Quartered (Photo courtesy: Jim Hooper)

An excellent place to meditate upon the sad state of justice in modern Europe is London's Hung Drawn and Quartered ( just feet away from Tower hill, site of so many executions.  This boozer is a Fullers pub that  serves the delicious Honey Dew beer (Commander Kelly says "try it!"). <!-- Start Alexa Certify Javascript -->

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