Friday, February 17, 2012

Commander Kelly's Top Ten War Movies

10) The Duelists, 1977, Ridley Scott's first move was this gem about the Napoleonic Wars.  Based on the Joseph Conrad short story.  Often overlooked but brilliant.

9) Master and Commander,  2003, the start of Patrick O'Brian's incredible series on the Napoleonic Wars.  Spock and Kirk in the Napoleonic wars.

Robert Gould Shaw

8) Glory, 1989.  Mathew Broderick, Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington;  The true story of Robert Gould Shaw and his regiment during the US Civil War.

7) Lawrence of Arabia, 1962 Masterpiece directed by David Lean.  The transformational effect of warfare on young men.  Incomparable cinematography.

6) Sergeant York, Starring Gary Cooper as a conscientious objector from the hills of Tennessee who became the greatest American hero of WW1.  Watching this film inspired the teenage Audie Murphy to enlist and to become the most decorated American soldier of WW2. 

5) Zulu,  1964.  Michael Caine's first big movie.  See how a Victoria Cross is won.  Vivid action!

4) Bridge on the River Kwai.  Shot in Sri Lanka which doubles for WW2 Thailand. See blog post...

Robert Altman's classic
3) M*A*S*H,  1970,  A true classic.  Far better and funnier than the treacly TV series!

2) The Longest Day,  1962, An incredible all star cast.  Saving Private Ryan may have a great opening 20 minutes, but The Longest Day is much more satisfying!  In glorious Black and White!

And now for my favorite War Film of all time...

Commander K. with General Patton

1)  Patton
,  1970.  Coppola's well-researched screenplay.  Most of the best lines in the film are quotations from Patton himself.  Great score.  Simply a Masterpiece.

Honorable mentions go to Barry Lyndon, A Bridge Too Far, Apocalypse Now (Were more drugs used by American soldiers while in Vietnam or by the cast of Apocalypse Now during its filming in the Philippines?) and Dr. Strangelove.  Recently I also enjoyed 2018's The Chinese Widow which was released...

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