Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Churchill's Cigar Shop

Churchill's life shortened to 90 years due to cigars and booze!

Fox's 19 St. James, London
I recently had occasion to visit a shop that Churchill frequented to purchase his own private stash of cigars -- Fox's.  They have been trading at 19 St. James for over 200 years.  Interestingly, Fox's is exempt for the national smoking ban and you ARE allowed to sample their wares on premises.  Unlike their nearby competitor, Davidoff, they do allow jeans-wearing Americans with backpacks into their humidor!  There is also a small cigar museum downstairs at Fox's that features a chair that Churchill used on his shopping trips.  You can even sit in Churchill's chair!

What kind of cigar's did Churchill smoke?  I asked the staff at Fox's and they said "anything he could get his hands on though he was partial to Cubans."  Romeo y Julieta was one of his favorites and they make Churchill cigars today.

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Commander Kelly says, "buy some Havanas at Fox's and adjourn to the terrace of the American bar at the Stafford hotel on the other side of St. James for cocktails and cigars!  Jennie Jerome, WSC's mom and one time mistress of Edward VII among others, is said  to have inspired the Manhattan.

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