Monday, December 19, 2016

Seahawks in Puke Green!

Seahawks: A Serious Team in a Sickening Color 

Evidence that Paul Allen has lost his mind emerged this past week as the Seattle Seahawks changed their uniform.  The new home team uniform is a Dayglow Lime Green or Puke Green.  The new uniforms make it appear that the team has spent the pre-game in hot tubs full of dinosaur diarrhea.

It seems that Allen must have been advised in this decision by the Hillary Clinton election strategists.  Or by Donald Trump's hair stylist?  Or by Czar Putin's PR team?  Or by all three!

On the other hand, after throwing five interceptions in the Seahawks Packers game on 12/11 Allen may just have concluded that Russell Wilson needed some help in spotting his receivers now.



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