Monday, September 8, 2014

Bond in Motion

"Little Nellie" from
You Only Live Twice

Visitors to London this year will want to check out the Bond In Motion exhibit which is going on at the London Film Museum at least until the end of this year.  Here is the link...  For those of us who remember the Bond film series with great affection this is a real treat.

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish
Die Another Day
Ian Fleming's creation James Bond is the ultimate action hero (  In the films James Bond was, therefore, perpetually in motion, flying around the world, driving recklessly, skiing off piste at a perilous pace, and parachuting from planes.

Aston Martin V8
The Living Daylights
Ian Fleming first portrayed Bond in a Bentley but the Aston Martin quickly became the quintessential Bond vehicle over many years.   It has ejected passengers, sprayed machine gun fire, punctured tires, and even skied.  It is well represented in this exhibition.

Glastron GT-150 and Crocodile
Live and Let Die and Octopussy

Bond, as a Royal Navy Commander, is perfectly comfortable navigating the world's waterways in some extraordinary craft.   Roger Moore piloted a speedboat through the Louisiana bayou in Live and Let Die.  He also made his way to Octopussy's island off the Indian coast in a mechanical crocodile.

"Wet Nellie" Lotus Esprit S1
The Spy Who Loved Me
Once Bond even voyaged beneath the waves in a car that transformed itself into a submarine.

Auric Goldfinger's
Rolls Royce Phantom III
The diabolical villains that oppose Bond have had their own share of ostentatious vehicles, private planes and well-armed boats.  Even with all this expensive technology they never seem to elude 007's special brand of justice.
Diamonds are Forever
Even the most recent bond film, Skyfall with Daniel Craig, ( is represented at this exhibit with motorcycles and film production drawings.

Commander Kelly say, Go check out Bond in Motion near Covent Garden in London.

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