Sunday, February 9, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII

A grey day at Met Life Stadium
February 2, 2014

I had the great good fortune to take my son Marco with me to New York / New Jersey last week to attend Super Bowl XLVIII.  We had a fantastic time watching the Seahawks win the first Super Bowl Championship in their franchise history.

Super Bowl XLVIII Kicks-off!
It was with great anticipation that we took our seats to watch the "Best offence in football" led by the brilliant Peyton Manning take on the "Best Defence in football," supported all season long by the "12th Man".  I fully expected the Broncos to score at least three touchdowns.

The final score was 43 to 8 in the Seahawk's favor.  Last Sunday in New Jersey the message was clear: BRUNO WAS FROM MARS, BUT PEYTON WAS FROM VENUS!

Did somebody see a football?
Commander K. goes to Super Bowl XLVIII

We Seattle fans have been waiting patiently since 1976 for the team to win its first Super Bowl.  That long wait paid off in 2014.  The Seattle Supersonics, led by coach Lenny Wilkins, were the first to bring a professional World Championship to Seattle in 1979.

Seahawks driving

There is so much about this Seahawk team to love.  Russell Wilson the sophomore quarterback who was deemed "too short" to play at a professional level has proven his ability to lead this team with poise and grace (see Letterman interview below).  The scary thing (for other NFL teams) is that Russell Wilson is still growing as a player and will be even better next season.  Russell asked of his teammates "Why not us?"

The "Beast" takes it up the middle!
Marshawn Lynch is my personal favorite Seahawk player.  The laconic Lynch believes in "deeds not words".  The Beast leaves tacklers in the dust and munches on skittles.

Hauschka extended scores again!
Then there is their nearly perfect kicker Stephen Hauschka who receives relatively little attention.  He is a graduate of Middlebury who studied neuroscience and never played football until college (

Percy Harvin redeemed an injury-clouded season with some spectacular runs last Sunday.  Mercy, mercy, Mr. Percy!  Seahawk fans are excited about the prospect of a healthy Harvin for the whole 2014 season.

Richard Sherman, with his outburst following the incredible conclusion of the NFC Championship game, received lots of attention.  We tend to forget that he had just been shoved in the face by Crabtree.  The fans have no idea how much these two players may have taunted each other in the previous three hours of heated competition.  He was amped up in full "warpaint" mode at the time, but there are other sides to Richard Sherman.  His Compton to Stanford to Seattle story is truly inspiring.  Sherman's March to the Super Bowl reminds us that "those who think ill of themselves usually have good reason to."

How can anyone not be touched by the inspiring personal story of 23 year-ol Derrick Coleman? (See video below).

To my SF friends I say "Respect!"  The two best teams in the NFL today happen to play in the NFC West.  The best game of the postseason was the NFC Championship game featuring the Seahawks and the 49ers.  Every time these two teams play it is a "Clash of the Titans".

It was, of course, loud throughout the game.  We sat next to two well-behaved young men who had been college roommates.  One was kitted out in Seahawk blue while the other was dressed in Bronco / convict orange.  There is hope for bipartisanship!

How Sweet it is!
Finally, there is the Seahawk team owner Paul Allen. Allen, a co-founder of Microsoft, is a cancer survivor who loves World War II aircraft.  Allen also owns the Flying Heritage Collection -- a favorite spot of mine in Everett, WA (  His dad was a WWII vet.

Congrats too to all my colleagues at Q-13 Fox in Seattle who did an outstanding job in covering this championship team from the preseason to the amazing parade celebration in Seattle on Wednesday, February 5th.  Job well done!

Congrats also to all the team at ChyronHego for the fantastic graphics for the game on FOX!  ( Way to go Kevin, Johan and Soren!


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John Emerson Platt said...

nice coverage Chris! thank you for the man-on-the-scene perspective. It was quite the day, and I am so grateful to Pete Carroll and the guys for winning the Super Bowl on my birthday! We had a pre-game tailgate party until an hour before kickoff. What a day!

Wade Brewer said...

Thanks Chris, nice write up! The parade was crazy. I took the girls, we had a great time. It was extremely cold!