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Museum of Flight, Seattle WA

Commander Kelly and the SR-71 in the Great Hall (Museum of Flight, Seattle)
The Boeing Company was founded by William E. Boeing in Seattle, WA in 1916 near the dawn of aviation.  Across from Boeing Field, just south of downtown Seattle, you will find the Museum of Flight ( which features the original "Red Barn" where the Boeing Company was born.  The Museum of Flight is a world-class museum which chronicles the history of aviation from a reproduction of the Wright brothers 1903 Flyer at Kitty Hawk to the exploration of outer space.

Wright 1903 Flyer Reproduction (Museum of Flight, Seattle)
The museum has an early copy of Air Force One as well as a supersonic Concorde.  You will also find an SR-71 spyplane -- the fastest plane ever built (see above).

Commander Kelly was particularly interested in its fine collection of military aircraft from World War I....

"Black Prince" Sopwith tri-plane (Museum of Flight, Seattle)
and from World War II that are found in the J. Elroy McCaw Personal Courage Wing of the museum...
Commander Kelly and Goodyear F2 G1 Super Corsair (Museum of Flight, Seattle)
Commander Kelly and Republic P-47 D Thunderbolt (Museum of Flight, Seattle)

German ME-BF 109 E3 (Museum of Flight, Seattle)

Naturally, Boeing aircraft are well-represented in the collection.  The Boeing Company built a staggering 12,731 B-17s for Allied use from 1936 to 1945.  The B-17 along with the B-29 formed the heart of the Allied bomber offensive (see earlier post, Duxford and...George Carlin?, 4/30/12) that pounded the Axis homelands in World War II.  You can even tour the inside of the only flyable B-17 F, "Flying Fortress" in existence.

Commander Kelly and the B-17 F (Museum of Flight, Seattle)
Seafair is an annual Seattle summer-time tradition that features hydroplane races on Lake Washington and an amazing aerial show put on by the Navy's Blue Angels.  Go Navy!

Commander Kelly and Douglas A-4F Skyhawk II "Blue Angel" (Museum of Flight, Seattle)
The docents at the Museum of flight are volunteers, many of which have extensive experience as pilots or in other aspects of aviation.  They do a terrific job of adding color and context; they bring the exhibits to life.  Every plane on display has a very human story connected to it.

Commander Kelly says, "If you live nearby or your travels bring you to the Northwest, be sure to visit the Museum of Flight!"

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