Thursday, May 21, 2020

Xi Must Go / China Must Pay

A Modest Proposal

COVID-19 has, as of this writing, has claimed the lives of over over 328,000 people worldwide and over 90,000 in the USA alone.  It is crystal clear...

1) that this global pandemic originated in China,
2) that the Chinese government covered up the facts about the virulence of the disease (human to human spread and so on) and
3) that the Chinese government facilitated the spread of the disease by NOT shutting down air travel from Wuhan.

These reckless and irresponsible actions have cost lives and brought the global economy to its knees.

In spite of these indisputable facts, neither American 2020 Presidential candidate has been sufficiently forceful in calling for strong actions with regard to the Chinese Communist government.  Neither Trump nor Biden have called for obvious two action items.

Xi Must Go!

First, President Xi Jinping must go.  China's Xi is the head of the Chinese Communist Party that controls China.  Xi has, at a minimum, made horrendously poor decisions that have unleashed this fatal pandemic on our world.  Xi must take responsibility for his actions and inactions.  All of the world, including the Chinese people themselves, should call on Xi to step down.

Last fall I wrote a blog titled Xi who Must be Obeyed ( about about China's surprising political power and the influence it would have on the upcoming 2020 election in the USA.  In light of the catastrophe that is the Chinese or Wuhan virus, Xi can no longer be obeyed -- Xi must go.  And he must go now.

World Economy 2020: Closed

Second, China must pay for the damage that they have done.  Reparations can be a notoriously tricky business.  The punitive reparations imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles that concluded WWI played a role in the formation of Nazi fascism and led to WW2.  The reparations imposed upon China must not be punitive or harsh; they must be just and suit the crime against global health that they have committed.  Here is my solution...

China must pay the full tab for generously funding the WHO for the next hundred years.  China made the mess and China needs to clean it up.  The 2019 budget for the WHO was $4.4 billion.  China is the second largest economy in the world today and can clearly afford the pay the WHO budget in full which would work out to less than $5 per Chinese citizen based on 2019.  Oversight for the future operations of the WHO need to come from the United Nations (not merely from China).  China created this biological Chernobyl pollutes our world today.  China needs to assume accountability and to atone for its grossly negligent actions by contributing to the promotion of global health throughout the planet.  The victims of China's biological invasion are spread throughout  world.  China needs to act positively on behalf of all its victims for the very long term.

Chloe Wu
This blog is respectfully dedicated to my friend Chloe Wu of Hangzhou who reminds me that the first victims of COVID-19 were the Chinese people.

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