Friday, April 21, 2017

TT Wells at Le Rosey

Paul and Henri Carnal Hall
Le Rosey, Rolle Switzerland

My great-grandfather, Thomas Tileston Wells, spent his senior year in high school at Le Rosey in Rolle Switzerland (  Wells was the author the manuscript An Adventure in 1914 which I had the honor to edit and turn into a book.  Well and his wife and two children were traveling through Europe on holiday in 1914 when World War I broke out.  He was even briefly arrested, accused of being a Russian spy and threatened with execution!

Wells later served as the Chairman of Serbian Relief which brought food, medicine and agricultural equipment to war-torn Serbia.  His humanitarian relief work undoubtedly saved many lives.

In the Introduction to An Adventure in 1914 ( I noted this about Wells at Le Rosey...

"In 1883, Wells withdrew from St. Mark’s to spend his senior year at the elite Institut Le Rosey in Rolle, Switzerland, which had been founded in 1880 by Paul-Émile Carnal. It was at Le Rosey, situated by Lake Geneva, that he may have developed the love of nature that is on display throughout An Adventure in 1914. His time at Le Rosey also developed a keen, lifelong interest in the world beyond American shores. Today, Le Rosey is known as the most expensive school in the world. Annual tuition clocks in at over $133,000 per year. The sons and daughters of billionaires and royalty attend this elite school, which moves to its winter campus in Gstaad, Switzerland, during the ski season."

Le Rosey, Rolle, Switzerland

In 2014 the amazing Paul and Henri Carnal Hall was completed at a cost of around $55 million.  It appears that a spaceship has landed on the campus of the Swiss boarding school.  Amazing performances have already been featured at the Hall including the Berlin Philharmonic.  For more on the Hall see...  Note also the video below on its inauguration.

I think that my great-grandfather would be proud and pleased that his old school is flourishing in the 21st century.  I greatly appreciated my opportunity to follow in his footsteps.

Dorm Le Rosey, Rolle, Switzerland

Special thanks to Kim Kovacevic, the head of the History at Le Rosey, for recently welcoming me to his campus.

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